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May 8, 2022

Many people face the dilemma of finding the best real estate broker in a real estate industry full of promises but few deliverables. Many also complain that the agents tend to focus more on money as opposed to their client's property. However, in this article, you will see that Jaclyn Myers, the premier real estate agent in Monroe, has managed thousands of real estate transactions by doing the opposite; focusing on THE HOME as opposed to just selling and buying properties. We see the home as more than the walls and concrete since it is also a feeling and a sentimental place where we withdraw to and find peace. This focus on what is important has ensured that we always rank first in local listings in Monroe. Homebuyers know that if it is not at Jaclyn Myers, it probably does not exist. And now on to the main content of this article:


About Jaclyn Myers

Jaclyn Myers is a licensed Realtor in Georgia and a graduate of the University of Georgia. She resides in Georgia, where she has been selling real estate for up to 10 years. She is also an associate broker at Algin Realty, where she has sold over three hundred homes. She is a leading agent in the area with over 10 million in sales within just the past year. A household name, Jaclyn stands a head and shoulder above other agents. Practice areas include Athens, Bishop, Covington, Dacula, Conyers, and Bethlehem. The motto at Jaclyn Myers is honesty, integrity, and ease and this professional approach helps set us apart from typical real estate brokers, and take the intimidation and fear out of our clients' hearts when doing real estate transactions. Our phone number is 678 410 6270 while our email is Let's go on this exciting adventure together.


Specializations :

As the go-to real estate agent in the region and the country, we specialize in several areas. These include:


  • Buyers
  • Commercial
  • Foreclosures
  • Investors
  • Sellers
  • Short Sales


Competitive Advantage as a Real Estate Agent: Jaclyn Myers is a market savvy, seasoned real estate professional with ten years of experience. With over 300 houses sold, Myers possesses sharpened negotiation skills and an impeccable ability to make favorable financial deals that other realtors can only dream about. Her client's background and recommendation make it a lot easier for her to find bargains for her client and because of thorough service, clients often refer others to her office or even share links to friends, families, and business websites. The brokerage firm has established itself as an honorable, honest realtor trusted by many to sell their homes; Jaclyn Myers and her team also possess excellent communication skills and exceptional people skills which have enabled them to develop an edge over competing realtors. When selling a home, you also need someone who is recognized by the National Association of Realtors and this is something that sets the firm's standards apart from the rest.


Areas Served:


  • Athens
  • Bethlehem
  • Bishop
  • Conyers
  • Covington
  • Dacula
  • Good Hope
  • Grayson
  • Jefferson
  • Loganville
  • Monroe
  • Oxford
  • Social Circle
  • Watkinsville
  • Winder



Frequently Asked Questions:


How to find the best real estate agent in Monroe, GA?


Research on potential candidates examines their online presence: Check their website and any social media that they actively use to promote their listings. Take a look at their reviews as well. The general rule is that one or two negative ones are nothing to worry about, but anything more should be a red flag. Check with the Monroe real estate regulator to ensure that the agent you are considering has been licensed. While at it, find out if they have had any disciplinary actions. Once a candidate passes your background check, move to interview the agent. A one-on-one interview relays the agent's style as well as their experience. The ultimate goal is to land on a realtor familiar with your particular area and show a proper understanding of your budget requi rements.

Pay attention to how professional and polished their proposal: is the more effort professionals put into the presentation they give you, the more effort they'll provide presentations with when working for you. Ask to see their license. Discover the agent's preferred method of communication and their availability. Do these match your preferred hours? If not, try to see if you can both reach a consensus.

Request the agent for references: these would be information on the homes they have listed and even sold within the past year. The importance of listing services is that you can request the contact information for a few past clients. Call the clients and find out their experience with the agent, e.g., negotiation and communication skills. Ask if they would hire the agent again if they had a new transaction to make.

Go with your gut: much as all other factors above matter, the most important thing to do is go with the agent you feel most comfortable with and trust even when the road gets bumpy.


How does a Real estate agent work in Monroe, GA?

One of the biggest questions homebuyers have regarding how real estate agents work in Monroe is who is responsible for paying the real estate agent fees in the transaction. There's no guaranteed way since real estate agents will differ; However, the seller is often accountable for the realtor fees. Sellers pay the agreed commission to their brokers, who then share the money with the buyer's agent.

The following is basically how typical a real estate transaction will flow:


List your property for sale or search for the perfect property. 

The first stage is the seller making their home address available in the markets and a buyer searching for their ideal property. A valuable buyer should already have their pre-qualific ation letter from their lender stating how much they can borrow for a house purchase and have a down payment already in their bank. The seller's real estate broker, on the other hand, will add the property to their listings on their website platform, social media, and any other advertisers.



The buyer's real estate agent prepares their sale agreement stating terms, timelines, and price they are willing to offer. The price at which a property is listed is known as the listing price and isn't necessarily the exact one that the buyer will pay for the home.



Negotiations are the most intensive part of the process. At this point, the seller reviews the offer and then counteroffers it with the price and offer that they are willing to accept. The buyer then chooses whether or not to take the higher value or walk away. The seller decides whether to pick the buyer's lower offer or not sell. There are multiple offers on the house, but the seller only negotiates with one buyer at a go. After negotiations, a purchase price is agreed upon, and the parties set a date for the contract signing. In this case, the buyer and seller refers to their respective agents who make the counteroffers in the representation of their clients


Lawyer/title company:

The buyer makes an initial deposit, which is known as earnest money to the title company, and then holds it in a non-interest bearing escrow account until the deal's closing.


Repairs inspections and appraisal:

The mortgage company ensures that the home matches the price that the buyer wants to pay by sending third-party appraiser experts to conduct a complete report on the cost of the home compared to the market value of other homes in the area. Once the pricing accuracy is set, an inspection is then conducted, and the list of the repairs needed is given to the seller. If the buyer fixes the repair, they can get compensation from the seller.


Everything You need to know before buying real estate in Monroe, GA


One of the most significant benefits of investing in a home in Monroe is that Monroe grows by the day; the city has seen continuous economic growth and cultural expansion. Any entrepreneur that has gotten wind of the growth rate in Monroe has seen it as an opportunity to build homes due to the influx of real estate consumers such as retirees, young families, and businesses. Monroe, therefore, hosts a wide variety of quality property such as condos, single-family homes, duplexes, town homes, and it's highly likely that you will find the type of house you are looking for in Monroe. But before that, the following are some real estate principles to consider when thinking of buying a home in Monroe;


Know how much You can afford:

Your trip to the bank should be the first step you make even before approaching any brokers. Allow the professionals to conduct an exhaustive calculation on how much you can afford to spend on a home; this will narrow down your search. Write down any potential monthly payments such as property taxes, homeowners association fees, insurance, and repairs. You don't have to have an exact number; an average will do. Brokers work well with an average and can get options for their clients to pick from. Remember that the bulk of these monthly payments will be included in your monthly mortgage payments.


Contracts can be negotiated before signing:

Remember that there will be papers to sign when buying your home. These contracts will often come off as standard home buying contracts without any room for negotiations, which is untrue. The content of a home buying contract is very negotiable; this is where the realtors come in to ensure their clients' wishes and the price range is satisfied.


Use a trusted realtor:

In the first place, use a realtor; realtors such as Jaclyn Myers are more conversant with the real estate market in Loganville. Recognition by the National Association of Realtors is just as important since you want someone with the authorization and technical know-how to navigate the industry. Realtors are professionals in house hunting, and chances are they will already have an idea of suitable homes the minute you inform them of the type of house you are looking for. Allowing a professional to take up the duty will ensure that there has been exhaustive research on the kind of home you are looking for to make sure you don't settle without considering all your options. Next, it's essential that you understand the critical players of the transaction and what their role is: 


Real Estate Agent:

A real estate broker typically works for either the buyer or seller during the transaction. There are occasions where a realtor can work for both the seller and buyer during the same transaction. Traditionally, the seller and buyer have separate agents that assist them through the real estate transaction steps.


The Buyer:

A buyer works with a real estate agent as their representative to pursue their dream home. The buyer may be requested to sign an exclusive agreement contract known as a buyer-broker agreement that promises they will only work with the specific agent. The agents are responsible for helping buyers negotiate through buying a house. They also prepare the purchase offer once the buyer finds their perfect home. 


The Seller:

Sellers are the homeowners that agree to have their home listed for sale by their broker. The two agree on a price range according to the real estate market, after which the broker or realtor begins to market the home to buyers. The realtor begins their negotiations and only closes after reaching a satisfactory home sale.


Mortgage Lender:

Mortgage lenders assist a buyer with all necessary paperwork needed to apply and get approved for a mortgage. It's best to visit a lender before looking at any home with a broker. The lender prequalifies the buyer for the amount of money they are financially qualified to borrow, then gives them a 'pre-qualification letter. 


Home Inspection Companies:

Inspection company services are essential in any real estate transaction. The team of inspection experts conducts an evaluation that checks whether the property's condition is good and up to the required code expected by the state or county. A buyer may negotiate compensation for any repairs done.


A title company or lawyer:

In Some states, title companies are allowed to conduct all the paperwork and close the transactions, while in others, the buyers and sellers will need an attorney to close the sale. The most critical function of the person closing the transactions is to search the home's title and ensure that the house has a clear title available for them to transfer to the new homeowner. The title company will need about two to four weeks to finish the title process and prepare the required closing documents. The title company or attorney is usually present at the official closing, where the buyer and seller sign the paperwork.


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